"Our sweat for their tears" 

We run to raise up a safe place for the wounded to run to. We run to voice the cries of the voiceless, to speak on behalf o the women and children across the street and around the world held in silence. We run in the rain, shine, snow, or sleet, putting our feet down mile after mile, physically declaring we will no longer sit idly by as women receive unfair treatment in horrible conditions. We run to lift these survivors from darkness to lives of dignity and hope.

We run for all those who need rescue. Whether right here in the U .S. or across the seas, we consistently encounter women who are seeking refuge from the abuse, neglect, trauma, and exploitation plaguing their lives. At WAR, Int'l, our staff at our headquarters building receives more than 15 calls each month from women ready to take their next steps toward restoration, and we willingly accept the opportunity to walk the long journey of healing with each one. 

This is why we run. This is a freedom worth sweating for. 

Next Steps:

1. If you have not registered for one of the three Gazelle Girl races, you must visit: gazellegirlhalfmarathon.com OR, register for the race local to you on the weekend of April 22-23, 2017. If you do run in Grand Rapids, don't forget to enter the code GGWARTEAM17 to receive $5 off your registration fee!

2. Send out your fundraising letter in whatever way you choose! If you have not received your welcome toolkit download that here. Consistently remind your friends and family about why you're running, and how they can help, by sharing our Facebook and Instagram posts!

3. Download a training app, or follow a training plan that works for you. Find a friend who will force you to follow that plan. Accountability can make all the difference! So does ibuprofen. 

4. Get off the couch, slap on your shoes, and hit the pavement! Right. Left. Right. Left. You can do this! Music helps, trust us. Oh, and did we mention ibuprofen? 

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